Monday, 5 September 2011

Spray Stick!

Needed to get some of my Space Wolves undercoated ready for painting next weekend (Charlene is going away Thursday until Saturday so I'll have Thursday night and all day Friday to get as much hobby stuff doen as possible) and had to disassemble an old bookshelf yesterday in order to make space in our spare room. Whilst doing so I had an idea to use one of the slats from the book shelf as a "spray stick" as it'd make it much easier to get to all of the bits compared to putting the mini's on a tray.

Below are some pics of the results, I also wanted to praise the spray I was using as well though, the army painter spray cans are great! My first time around I didn't shake the can as much as I should have and had some poor results, however if you read the instructions it says shake the can for a good minute and a half, and the results are much better if you do that!

This is my first time using their "Wolf Grey" primer and it came out great, just the colour I was looking for and it didn't obscure any of the detail.

Also included are some pictures of odds and ends on my painting table.

The spray stick + figs ready for priming, I had initially intended to put screws in and glue teh figs to the screws but Charlene pointed out the obvious and asked why I didn't just try blu tac, problem solved. It's strong enough to hold the stick upside down without any fear so job's a good 'un. 


And the proud owner of the spray stick in all his glory, my wife was so proud... (Yes I'm lying, there were many comments on my geekiness)

Action Shot!

After spray shot showing, well... a stick and blu tac!

Painting station including my WIP Logan Grimnar

Close up of Logan, only really the armour (bar battle damage) and face done currently, still a long way to go.

The sprayed figures and other work in progress bits. Hoping to finish the Carnifex, Lictor and Hive Guard over next weekend and get started on the Space Wolves. The Rhino still needs the Razorback Turret to be magnetised so that it's fully interchangable before spraying (Assume the best way here is to spray all bits separate to prevent the Spray potentially bonding the pieces?)

More "to do" bits, need to convert those marines at the bottom into Long Fangs using IG Missile Launchers and a step by step from Rupert40k over on 3++, assorted other parts of the army above them.

I ordered a couple of foam cases from Mantic to experiment with, wanted to see if I could use these to transport/post the finished 10 man Grey Hunter units safely. I think the large one (pictured) would be sufficient and they do feel pretty secure once the case is closed, however the smaller one wouldn't close with even 2 of the mini's in. I'm not really sure how much use the smaller ones would be for any figures to be honest.

Well that's the update for now, I'll be posting a battle report up next with my latest game against Dave where my 'Nids got a pasting against his Marines. Just need to sift through the pictures and add them to the text that Dave sent over to me amd I can put it up.