Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Mordheim, Infinity, and Accidents!

Well Lictor pics are still incoming but I had a minor incident on my first trek down to Ironhaven Games.

Packed figs
Figs in car
Drive to end of road
Brake at bottom of hill
Box tumbles
Break Lictor :(

Just one of his large talons that's come off so should be fixed easy enough but haven't managed to do it and take the pics yet.

I've also started a Mordheim Skaven warband to play with the guys as that seems to be popular there at the moment. I haven't played Mordheim since I had a short lived Middenheimer warband at release but I'm really looking forward to this.

The plan is to butcher some of the Island of Blood set and use that in conjunction with a night-runners box set to make the Warband. I've finished painting the Warlock from the set so far and he'll represent my assassin adept in the game, with a Halberd and Warplock Pistol.

Pics of both the Assassin and the Warband roster to come, and I'll report on the success/failure of the warband over time.

I've also arranged to get some of the Infinity range of miniatures (not yet decided on Ariadne or Haqqislam) as they're beautiful figs and again it's quite popular down at Ironhaven.

Really enjoyed my first trip down there, great bunch of guys and I got a 40k game in with my Nids against ScottyD and somehow even managed to win (His inability to pass a 3+ saving throw was my saviour)

Anyway just more random thoughts for now, more to come when pics arrive.