Monday, 12 January 2015

Christmas Goodies // Infinity N3 // Terrain // Painting Progress

Hi guys,

Trust everyone had a good Christmas and New Year, I enjoyed spending some time with family and friends and found a little time for hobby in there but not as much as I was expecting.

Popping a quick update today of the bits I've received / got done over Christmas and a couple thoughts on the games I've had.

First of all, this is my Christmas loot, I traded a lot of this in for my Tyranids which I sold most of just before Christmas but thought it'd be nice to put the new bits away until Christmas and save us a bit of money.

I also got some extra bits since then as I sold my Pan Oceania from the Op Icestorm box, adding some money to it and buying:

Kasym Beg
Tunguska Interventors
Intruder MSR
Zero Hacker
2 Wildcat combi's

That should round out my Nomads for now quite nicely and give me plenty of options while I had to get the new release for Haqqislam as it looks awesome :)

Over Christmas then I got all the above assembled except the Bounty Hunter and the Scourges for 40k. I've also assembled some of my other Nomad bits I had yet to do and started on the new bits by assembling both the Zero's.

Some work in progress bits below:

The 3 Story building now has a floor on the bottom level as well, I forgot to put it in before I'd put the 4 walls on so I had to cut the tabs off two sides and then glue it in, which wasn't difficult and it seems plenty sturdy enough now. All floors have internal walls for a playable interior and should look nice once painted up.

I also spent a bit of time thinking about my board which is still to arrive having originally been estimated for last May (Such are the pitfalls of a Kickstarter) I've been pulling together some scatter terrain to see what I've got currently and whether any additional purchases may be required. This is what's currently available:

I figured I could do with more as Infinity really is pretty terrain intensive so I've got a few extra bits coming, namely:

Zen Terrain

Guard Booth and Barrier x2
Military Outpost
Food Stall
Conversion Kit


Commanche Barracks
Spetsnazs Tower
Angled Planter Island
Square Planter Island

Hopefully that should be me entirely done for terrain once this is added to my Micro Art mdf kits and Deadzone terrain. (may need more scatter, but I'll assess this once I've got the board laid out)

Also got some work done on Tarik and I'm reasonably happy with him at the moment, I'm quite chuffed with the freehand faction symbols on the newspaper and his chest, but I don't know how to do his sword as I'm useless at power sword style effects but I want to make it stand out. Potentially going to have a go with the airbrush but still thinking on this atm.

Apologies for the quality of the pictures, once I've got some finished bits I'll take proper pictures but at the moment I'm just snapping quick progress updates with a crappy mobile phone camera.

In terms of gaming I got in two more games of N3 and used Nomads for both of them which I really enjoyed. I'm now split for the Winter Challenge event as I'd love to use my Nomads but my Haqqislam list would be completely painted wheras I haven't started the Nomads.

The list I used was:

Intruder LT
Grenzer Sniper
Spektr Hacker
Zero BS

I won one game and lost another and overall I really enjoyed the Zero so the list I'm thinking of running now is taking that theme further:

Intruder MSR
Spektr Combi

Hellcat Combi

Zero BS

Zero BS

Alguacil LT

Has a decent sniper with MSV2, a TO infiltrator with mines and two Camo infiltrators with mines. A drop troop, and 2 line troops. Hopefully just good fun to play with and using co-ordinated orders with the mines to be a pain.

Apologies for the lengthy post and variety of topics, wanted to catch up on everything so I can spend Wednesday popping down some thoughts on the N3 book and on 3rd edition Infinity generally. Hopefully getting another two games in on Tuesday night and then perhaps a practice evening on Saturday ahead of the tournament the week after so I'll need to start to nail down the list I'm taking.