Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Random Wednesday // First game of Infinity N3 last night

So I went down to the Exeter Inquisition club last night for some infinity and although I was disappointed not to get the new N3 rulebook yet I still got a game of the new edition in using the pdf.

We played a 200pt game using the Annihilation mission in the rulebook however as we were both pretty new to the game (never mind N3) we played with open objectives instead of classified ones.

Overall really enjoyed it and loving some of the changes in the new edition, figured I'd just slap some random thoughts down here.

  • The "Strategic" use of the Command Tokens are awesome, this went completely unnoticed by us until we got the pdf and read through. My opponent chose deployment zones and made me deploy first, then as he was going second he used one of his Command Tokens to make me lose 2 regular orders on the first turn. Really makes the choice of first turn a choice rather than automatic now in my opinion
  • Co-Ordinated Orders are fantastic, you can get around the board so much faster which opens up a lot of new possibilities. I used all 4 of my tokens on these orders and they were great, you get to activate up to 4 guys for the cost of 1 regular order and 1 command token, I didn't use them for attacking so much as repositioning and getting 3 Ghulams with their shotguns into advanced positions so early in the game was great.
  • Hacking seemed a bit meh to be honest although we may have been playing it wrong. It was great to have all these options and I had a TO hacker in range of a glut of targets, with a TR HMG Remote, an expensive HI, and a Hacker and was planning to go to town. I looked at my options and I had loads of choices, eagerly rolled the dice and succeeded (after a couple of orders) and then went to re-camo, only to find that as I was still inside his ZOC (obviously as I had hacked him) he could ARO anything I did with a "Reset" which meant on a normal roll of 13 he just ignored anything I'd done to him.
  • Suppression fire - we basically didn't use this all game. It looks good, we just didn't think to use it and as he had 2 total reaction HMG remotes he probably didn't need it!

In the end the game was a draw at 4-4, he beat me 2-1 on kills, 2-1 on surviving, but I had secured the HVT for 2 Objective Points so we ended equal which seemed about right for the game.

In case anyone is interested the list I used was:

Ghulam lt
Ghulam FO
Ghulam FO
Naffatun LFT, grenades
Naffatun LFT, grenades
Hunzakut FO
Hassassin Ragik Spitfire
Tuareg Hacker
Jannissary Doctor

I also picked up some more goodies to flesh out my Haqqislam and complete my scenery collection:

MAS human consoles
MAS Objective Room
MAS 3 story building
MAS Roofs/Floors
MAS Interior Walls
Nomads Hellcat HMG/Hacker
Hassassin Farzan
2 Hafza
Odalisques boxed set