Thursday, 16 April 2015

Games and Gears Battle Board Kickstarter - An endless saga of frustration

So, I've been trying to avoid doing this while I'm so emotional about it but I'm coming to the end of my tether and need to vent.

I pledged £62 a while back (November 2013) for a 6 by 4 plastic modular board for my gaming table, this was initially estimated to arrive by May 2014 which I felt was acceptable, and worth waiting for to get a decent product at a good price.

Initially all went well and I'll track the project updates here to try and warn those of you who may be interested in kickstarters in the future, and potentially just to avoid the company in general as some would say there updates have been at best, unclear, and at worst, downright lies.

Nov 2014 - Kickstarter funds within 12 hours, promising to deliver the next generation of tabletop boards

24/12/2014 - Kickstarter successfully funded

22/01/2014 - Backers Kit locked down, no more addons can be selected

20/02/2014 - Battle Boards in molding process, on schedule to deliver May 2014

01/03/2014 - Still in mold making process, we are told that this is the longest process  of the production and that the mass production process thereafter is quite fast. Told that some may even deliver earlier than the May 2014 deadline!

14/03/2014 - We are told that we will be given a battle board carrying box for free as a packaging solution. This will be a sturdy box with a plastic handle.

01/04/2014 - We are told that we are on target for May 2014 dispatch, Molds are nearly done and then mass production will be a few days. Painting will take place during April and all will be completed during this time.

01/05/2014 - Everything still on track for dispatch during May

16/05/2014 - Some severe flooding in the area of China the boards are being painted, according to news reports caused by poor drainage systems during monsoon season. Production is untouched, but 30% of the cardboard boxes are ruined and approx 20% of the boards themselves. 

Estimated a 25 day delay as will need to be repainted.

26/05/2014 - Battle Boards getting back on track,  We are told they are a week behind schedule on Urban War Battle Boards but that they will be dispatched in July

07/07/2014 - Battle Boards should be with you August / September

23/08/2014 - Battle Boards estimated shipping late September. Delivery time quoted as 4-12 days to the EU

08/10/2014 - Boards not dispatched yet. We are told they are trying to ensure they can ship them at a price which will ensure the kickstarter is kept in the black.

18/10/2014 - Boars almost ready for dispatch

04/11/2014 - Boards sent to Port in China. We're told once they're in the UK warehouse it'll take a week to repack and re-check, following which we will get a 1 day delivery from TNT.

05/12/2014 - Boards should be in the UK this week, then will need sorting and should dispatch January after Christmas holidays. "Even with possible port delays or customs delays it's still on it's way for us to get the gears rolling for Jan 2015 dispatch to your door"

19/12/2014 - Boards are at the UK Warehouse

17/01/2015 - Boards have ALL?!? been unpacked, quality checked, then packed back in their boxes. Should be completed early next week.

28/01/2015 - Dispatch estimate now of February 2015, hoping to make delivery 2-4 days instead of 5-25

09/02/2015 - Boards will be dispatched wc 20th February, new delivery date of Mid-Late March

09/03/2015 - Boards all dispatched, delivery is 5-25 days and everyone should have theirs by 15th April 2015

13/03/2015 - Exciting times, "all boards will be with you by or before April the 15th" Battleboard clips sent separately from China and should be here within 10-20 days.

01/04/2015 - Quote: "As per previous update please allow your Urban Wars to get to you by the 15th of April 2015. We understand there is a lot of excitement and frustration in getting your boards now but they are coming to you, all shipping is prepaid so they have to get to you :P by the deadline date at least. "

So it's now the 16th April, I've not received anything, neither has anyone who's posting on the Kickstarter comments, I have not had the clips either that apparently were sent separately from China.

I'll allow everyone to draw their own conclusions from the above, which is the information we've been given through the kickstarter updates.

Personally, I will never be having any dealings with the company again. I will be strongly urging anyone I know/have contact with to boycott the company, and avoid sending any business their way.

I feel we've been misled and lied to continuously throughout the process and if there was any action other that I could take other than to just urge others not to make the same mistake I did in trusting the company, I would take it.

My advice would be to avoid this company at all costs, goodness knows when/if we will ever receive our boards