Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Assembly Progress and a Start on Painting my Eldar

Got my Dire Avenger assembly finished last night and then didn't have long left so didn't fancy carrying on with the last batch of Kabalites/Archon.

Heads are cleaned up but I'm keeping them off for now to spray separately before attaching once painted.

Models are all just pinned to the bases for now so I can remove them to paint the bases easier.

Instead of the Kabalites I grabbed the new Autarch and quickly popped a basecoat on him to see what the colour looks like on the model (Falcon Turquoise)

I was surprised to see the Autarch comes with a 32mm base which threw me as I don't have any scenic bases for that size, for the time being I've pinned him onto on a 25mm one and then magnetised that one onto a larger 32mm base.

I'm not sure whether to rebase him entirely, just run him on a 25mm, or keep the 32mm underneath it as it is and play with him like that?

The turquoise is a bit darker than I expected but hopefully after a wash and then bringing it back up with highlights it'll start to become brighter.

Don't think I'll get a game in this Wed (might play some X-Wing) but I'll pick the Kabalites and Archon back up on Thursday night I expect and try to get them finished so they're out of the way.

Does anyone else find it really difficult to go back to a project after you take a pause partway through?