Friday, 15 May 2015

More Lies from Games and Gears

So you might recall my post a while back detailing my frustration with Games and Gears Kickstarter.

At the time it was the 16th April and we'd been promised delivery at the latest by 15th April, after which those few of us who hadn't received the boards should pm the co-ordinator. (Clue: Nobody in the world had received them by that date.)

I still haven't received the boards and the story just keeps changing from Games and Gears so this is another warning to those out there to stay away from the company.

Here is an updated timeline, purely from the time the boards apparently entered the UK, if you want to view the timeline in full then please view my previous post here

Timeline from December:

05/12/2014 - Boards should be in the UK this week, then will need sorting and should dispatch January after Christmas holidays. "Even with possible port delays or customs delays it's still on it's way for us to get the gears rolling for Jan 2015 dispatch to your door"

19/12/2014 - Boards are at the UK Warehouse

17/01/2015 - Boards have ALL?!? been unpacked, quality checked, then packed back in their boxes. Should be completed early next week.

28/01/2015 - Dispatch estimate now of February 2015, hoping to make delivery 2-4 days instead of 5-25

09/02/2015 - Boards will be dispatched wc 20th February, new delivery date of Mid-Late March

09/03/2015 - Boards all dispatched, delivery is 5-25 days and everyone should have theirs by 15th April 2015

13/03/2015 - Exciting times, "all boards will be with you by or before April the 15th" Battleboard clips sent separately from China and should be here within 10-20 days.

01/04/2015 - Quote: "As per previous update please allow your Urban Wars to get to you by the 15th of April 2015. We understand there is a lot of excitement and frustration in getting your boards now but they are coming to you, all shipping is prepaid so they have to get to you :P by the deadline date at least. "

 16/04/2015 - If you haven't got your Hawk Urban War battle board,  Don't Panic, they are in transit and will be with you. They are on their way and we have a tracked record of fullfilling gears 100% once they have been dispatched.

21/04/2015 – PM to me to advise of my personal delivery time 12-18 days, final day of 14th May, there is still nobody in Europe that has received their boards.

12/05/2015 – “Tracking numbers to be issued out to all EU Hawk Urban Wars backers who did not get their battle board by this Friday (15th of May).” We’re also kindly informed that they are no longer reading or replying to the comments on the kickstarter project page as they don’t have time

15/05/2015 – As a reminder, so far we’ve gone way past the “FINAL delivery date of the 15th April, and no-one in Europe has received them yet a MONTH later. I now receive a message this morning as below:

Hello Rich! 

How are you??

Tracking number to be with you Friday from anywhere between 6am to 7pm UK time.
It is coming from Germany as you will see via your tracking number. If you do not get it on Friday it is probably due to the National holiday the Germans had yesterday (14.05.2015). Which means you will get it Monday or Tuesday as you will see via tracking number
We are going to dispatch all the grid sheets with the next huge shipment we are planning to do. I am working on that right now and making sure I only deliver confirmed info.... so I don't get things wrong.

Trays, as soon as we ship them. looking to ship them separately... waiting for some confirmations. Because one length is 24" long some couriers of iffy as they say they will post it then class it as abnormal and return it back to me. So I just making sure we don't go through that and make sure when it is sent out it all happens smoothly and quickly. working on it.

So basically, they’ve been in the UK since the 19th December, have been shipped twice FROM THE UK, but are now, somehow?!?! In Germany and have been shipped out from there.

If ANYBODY can give me ANY plausible explanation of how and why this has happened that does not involve them consistently lying to us about shipping, then please feel free to enlighten me.

I text Sam again, who I believe owns the company this morning to ask for an explanation of how the boards are now being shipped out from Germany but was asked not to text him again, and to feel free to raise my perceived mistreatment to Kickstarter.

For me, I’m absolutely livid with the treatment received and will be reporting the company for breaching kickstarter terms and conditions which detail that as below:

Don’t lie to people. Don’t post information you know is false, misleading, or inaccurate.

Don’t do anything deceptive or fraudulent.

Throughout the process, creators owe their backers a high standard of effort, honest communication, and a dedication to bringing the project to life

Obviously this will have very little effect on us as backers for this project, but hopefully it will stop the company doing any further projects and duping further customers.