Monday, 7 March 2016

Court of the Archon finished (Minus basing) // A few Bolt Action pics

Still need to do the bases but have to wait for those to arrive from the U.S. - Didn't think to order any 40mm ones when I first got them as I didn't have the Sslyth at the time.

Nothing spectacular but I'm happy with the overall effect for a couple of evenings work, Quite chuffed with the colouring on the Sslyth. Not really happy with the green rags on the Medusae but I wanted to try and tie the unit together and think it needed the green to do that.

It's worth noting that my Eldar project lasted all of one game as my opponent just didn't have a good time against my Eldar/Harlequins list (I had tried to tone it down by adding 750pts of Harlequins but obviously not enough) therefore I just decided to finish my Dark Eldar and run those for the campaign instead.

Still have to post some of my Bolt Action bits but I seem to have deleted some of the pictures on my phone so can't post full army pics right now. I'm at the event on Saturday so will try and take some pictures then if not before.

For now just a few pics of some of the bits that I could find. Bit of a mish mash sorry!