Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Final Gallery - Random Pieces

Ok this is pretty much my lack of an attention span post and will show some of the bits I started to work on before moving on to other things, this is "not" where I want my new Space Wolves to end up:

The start of a High Elf army that hopefully I'll get around to finishing some time, my friend who I play 40k against doesn't play fantasy so this is more of a painting journey for me, my very first box set from GW was the old Fantasy set with Elves/Goblins and I remember my dad spending most of Christmas Day painting the Elves for me. Ahh nostalgia...

I bought the Fellowship of the Ring metal box set when GW first got the LOTR license and Gandalf is the only figure I have left, having given the others away as gifts or lost them. I hope to finish the fellowship at some point as I also have a Balins Tomb display base from somewhere (I think from a LOTR magazine subscription before it was merged into White Dwarf)

A very brief attempt at starting an Imperial Guard army, I still really like the idea and I enjoy painting this scheme, as well as being very happy with how the minis look. The army I want however would be a foot army and I just can't face another horde army after Tyranids. As such the project is set aside for now.

I got the Black Reach orks from Dave as a gift for my birthday a few years back, I really like the minis and they were good fun to paint as well as quick, in the end however my Tyranids took over and I've been collecting them since. I would love to go back to Orks and finish painting what I have however as well as potentially expanding the army (Currently have contents of Black Reach plus a Battleforce)

This is all that's left of my last attempt at a Marine army, I had painted 6 Red Scorpion Tactical Marines and these two scouts, however I've given the tacticals away to a family friends' son back in Stoke. He's really happy with them and they're much more likely to see some use with him than with me. I'll likely send these two fellows up to join them next time my parents go up.

I painted this guy as the start to a warhammer historical army after reading an article on painting tartan and wanting to give it a go. I'm reasonably happy with the tartan but the rest of the figure is below par as I was primarily enthused with trying out the Tartan.

The last offering is a Wolfen from Rackham's confrontation range, I love these minis and was happy to hear that they are starting to be re-released as Rackham made some beautiful figures. This particular figure is from the Confrontation Starter set which again I'd love to get painted and try out but I'm unlikely to ever get around to.

Well hopefully those have given you a bit of an idea as to my painting skills (or lack thereof) and my woefully short attention span, with only my Tyranids holding my attention long enough to finish an army.

The pictures are my first attempt at taking photos of my figures so any constructive criticism would be very much appreciated, I'm fairly happy with how they turned out and they do seem to show an accurate reflection of my painting, with the speed painted Tyranids looking like they were... speed painted, and some figures I spent more time on (Cadians, Elven Prince, Tyrant) looking ok.

More posts coming later in the week, I have a battle report that I've been promising my friend to post for goodness knows how long and my next hobby night is Thursday when I'm hoping to get started with my Space Wolves Transports. I have two Razorbacks and a Drop Pod that I'm going to attempt to magnetise into the various different options. Will report back on how it goes!

Should anyone else be reading this please let me know that you're out there, it'd be great to hear from you as to what you want to hear me write about, or to offer feedback on the layout of the blog / pictures / figures / text, anything really!