Wednesday, 24 August 2011

First! and General Introduction

OK so first of all I should welcome you (Should anyone ever find this) to what will be the first of a bi weekly blog following my bumbling antics in the world of a 40k hobbyist. Now that those pleasantries are out of the way I want to share a little bit about myself and the future content of this blog.

About Me

I'm a 27 year old male originally from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs (That's around the middle of the UK for those of you not from these parts) but moved down to Exeter in Devon on the South Coast around 6 years ago now, meeting my future wife who I have now been married to for nearly 2 years, and having a beautiful baby girl called Esme who is now coming up to 10 months old.

I originally started playing 40k with second edition when my mum used to let me look in the window of the Games Workshop store in Hanley while she did the banking, from there I moved to fantasy and had a stint through my high school years playing high elves. Following that I drifted away and have just recently started collecting again, picking up Tyranids to play against a good friend (Dave) I know from the local church.

I enjoy playing but don't get much of a chance to as I rarely brave the local store, playing all of my games against Dave when we get chance, which recently has been lucky to be twice a year!

As a result I generally spend a lot of time modelling and painting but not so much playing, perhaps that will change though in the future as I approach a fully painted army and pluck up the courage to go along to a local gaming group.

Post Content

Most of my posts as a result will be based on collecting / modelling / painting, with the occasional aside into my family life should I feel so inclined.

Since having our first baby my wife and I have had far less free time but as she is involved in hobby's of her own, and is in the process of expanding her baby photography businesss I do tend to get a couple of nights a week that are dedicated "hobby nights" which generally means once Esme has gone to bed I get a good couple of hours hobby time. - Hence the title "Two times Two" for two hours hobby activity, twice a week. (You may gather I struggle thinking creatively!)

At the moment I am finishing off painting my Tyranids, which have been painted (poorly due to time constraints) in a Kraken colour scheme, as well as building a Space Wolf army which is 90% built but 0% painted.

The majority of the posts for the time being therefore will be dedicated to following the progression of these two armies, documenting the hobby time I'm spending on these armies after each session and adding pictures and comments, hopefully receiving feedback to help me improve my hobby skills.

I have no pretensions that people will wish to read my random thoughts so if no-one chooses to read the blog, that's fine as this will also serve me as a filing system for paint schemes, thoughts, future motivation etc.

Check back next week for pictures of my currently painted Tyranids and Work in Progress (WIP) images of my Space Wolves. Please chip in with any comments you have as it'd be great to hear from anyone who is following.