Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Gallery Pictures

Hi guys,

Hope everyone has enjoyed the bank holiday weekend, Stoke snatched a last minute win against West Brom so I'm pretty happy :)

I didn't manage to get too much done on my first hobby night of the week last night as I spent some time setting up to take pictures of my minis for the first time and trying to take pictures without my shakey hands making them all blurry!

Below are the pics I've taken of most of the things I still own that I've painted myself. Some are just figures I liked, some are very brief sojourns into new armies, and some are (failed) attempts at speed painting to a tabletop standard.

Any comments/criticism is appreciated and I promise to take it on the chin :)

Click to enlarge the pictures.
Without further ado:

First up is a full army pic, this is all the Tyranids I currently have painted

Tyrant and Tyrant Guard, could potentially also be used as a Dakka Fex, the Tyrant Guard is painted using my new "cheat" method and the Tyrant I spent a bit more time over, matching my old paint scheme for my 'Nids but with a lot more time spent on him.
Various views of my first Tervigon, this guy is magnetised to his larger base so I can use him as a CC Fex or a Tervigon as the need arises, the gaunts currently on his base are placeholders and I am going to model some onto the larger base once I have painted them in the new colour scheme. I have another one waiting on my paint table half done which will be pretty much the same.

My first 3 hive guard and the test models for my "cheat" scheme, these guys took next to no time to paint at all and I'm pretty happy with them, especially given the time invested. I have 1 more unpainted hive guard and am considering buying another 2 for the obligatory 3x2 units of Hive Guard however they're darn expensive and as I don't play often I'm not sure I can justify it!

Biovore, again painted in the new scheme, I'm pretty happy with how this guy turned out, he was very quick and fun to paint and I'm really happy with how the pink looks. The Spore Mines didn't turn out quite how I hoped but they'll do.

Zoanthrope, again I'm happy with the pink on this guy, it seems to react really well to the Dark Tone dip I used, I can't overstate how much time is saved painting like this and I think the results are fine for gaming pieces.

My 4 units of genestealers, in reality these will be used as 2 units of 12 but I'm not so happy with 6 of them being done with the old scheme so they got photographed this way. Again, ridiculously easy to paint and I think the 18 new guys took me 2 of my 2 hour hobby nights to paint and dip, with another one for basing, for me that's very quick!

For those of you who may be interested, the new scheme is as follows:

1.) Prime with Army Painter Skeleton Bone Primer (Make sure to shake this vigorously before use)
2.) Pick out carapace with Vallejo Bloody Red (GW Blood Red)
3.) Paint talons with Astronomican Grey
4.) Paint detail with Vallejo Squid Pink (GW Tentacle Pink)
5.) Pick out teeth with Skull White
6.) Coat Army Painter Dark Tone dip generously over the model using an old/cheap brush.
7.) Go back to the mini 20 minutes later to remove  any excess pools of dip.
8.) Base the model:
  • Use PVA Glue to stick GW Modelling Gravel to the base
  • Wash the gravel with Devlan Mud
  • Use PVA Glue to stick clumps of GW Static Grass to the base
  • Paint the rim with Bestial Brown
More pictures to follow shortly...