Monday, 2 February 2015


Hi guys,

I'm aware it's been a couple of weeks, I've been busy playing N3 (Went to a doubles tournament last weekend) and assembling miniatures for my Haqqislam (Now have enough to field everything in Qapu Khalpi at full availability)

I have however been slack in my duties here, I've been having so much fun assembling/painting/playing that I haven't really spent any time updating.

In addition I've jumped in with some friends in starting another blog which will be authored by the five of us and on it we'll be detailing the progress of our infinity forces (all 5 of us are pretty much painting up lists from scratch)

If anyone is interested the combined blog will be here:

I'll likely include interim pictures here on an ad hoc basis, and get back to random posts, but the pressure of keeping to a schedule has led to me not really bothering to update at all as I haven't got a battle report etc. to post.

Keep reading here for random posts on a random basis, but there won't be a fixed schedule as such.

Also I seem to have lost my appetite for 40k at the moment so although this may include random musings on my Dark Eldar and progress updates, for the time being it's likely to be strongly infinity focussed.