Monday, 22 June 2015

Pro Elves vs Amazons // Re-Roll Tokens // First Lineman Painted

Had my first full game of Blood Bowl on Friday night and loved it.

Previously had only been able to get in half matches and I've played a few half matches now against Humans, Orks, then Amazons.

Went round to a friends house Friday though hoping to get a full game in and although it took us a while (4 hours - but some chatting in between) it was great fun and we got it finished.

Random dice rolls were had all round, at one point I failed a re-rollable 2+ twice in two turns! but at the end of it, I had failed dice rolls that weren't critical (although one did lead to my Thrower getting whacked and dropping the ball), while my opponents failures included a 4+ re-rollable catch 3 squares from the end zone with a free run in, then a couple of turns later, a GFI into the end zone.

A few pics of the game:

Well that was a good start, we kick off and the eager crowed invade the pitch, knocking down half the players!

Dave's dice rolling is not doing him any favours...
Whereas mine is fine a minute later!

Dave's luck not improving, even with a 3D block on the catcher...
The casualties start to mount up though...

The game ended with a 3-0 victory to the Pointy Eared Potters although one of the Linemen died, and my thrower got a smashed hip so will miss a match and has -1 MA. Nerves of Steel really came into it's own on a couple of occasions, picking up the ball in 3 tackle zones and running in for the score at one point, and later in the game got my catcher surrounded by no less than 5 players with no way out in sight... only to lob it over to another catcher who waltzed in for the score.

Overall a great fun game and I look forward to a rematch soon!


Also I spent an hour yesterday evening making some re-roll counters for my Pro Elves and Norse teams, these are really easy to do but a few people have complimented them so I thought it'd be worth sharing how.

I found a logo on-line and then pasted them into a bottlecap .psd template (Did a quick Google search and it's something like this), printed them off onto light card and cut them out (With a 1" Stamp) then stuck an epoxy bubble on top. Really easy and cheap way to make tokens for anything.

Here's the end results, nothing amazing, but for a cheap and easy option I'm pretty happy with them.

Finally, I managed to get my first team member painted to a basic level, it's not great but it'll do for now and once I've got the whole team painted I'll go back and touch them all up.