Thursday, 4 December 2014

Battle Report Friday // Infinity Report // Guard House Scale

Quick update, I was going to schedule this for Friday but as a scale picture of the Guard House had been requested I didn't want to delay it when I'd already got the bits ready so it's a day early this week.

I've never written an infinity report before and I'm afraid I don't know of any map type program that I'd be able to use, as terrain plays such a huge part in Infinity I can't just botch it with "similar" pieces.

Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures during the game either so I figured I'd just throw a quick overview up.

It is a bit all over the place I'm afraid but I figured I'd put it up just in case anyone wants to read it, if not then don't bother and I won't get offended! :)

First of all I took a quick picture of my 150pt Haqqislam force before we played.

So that is 150pts worth for Infinity, and one of the reasons I like the game, I only have to paint 8 models! I do have more painted this than but with the list I'd written I didn't have two naffatun painted so I proxied it with the unpainted model here.

My list was:

Halqa - 16
Halqa - 16
Halqa Doctor - 20

These 3 kind of work together as they all have a rule called mechanised deployment which allows me to deploy them within each others "Zone of Control" up to half way onto the board rather than just the normal 12" for my deployment zone. I find this really useful as they can threaten straight away or gain a really good vantage point over an objective etc. The doctor with them can try and heal the other two up if they fall unconscious so is also very useful.

They cost an extra 3 points over the standard Ghulam light infantry for the privilege of the mechanised deployment but I find it very much worth it as you don't have to spend the orders getting them in a good position, they just start there.

Naffatun Heavy Flamethrower - 12
Naffatun Heavy Flamethrower - 12

These two can be either defensive or offensive, they have a very large 10" long template weapon that unless the opponent chooses to dodge rather than fire back they auto hit and go straight to an armour save. I can use this to run around a corner and flame things or just to stand in a defensive position and flame something coming around the corner. They're also my cheapest troops at 12 points.

Ghulam Lieutenant- 13

A little telegraphed in this list however I try and keep her out of the way at the back in total cover and protect the approaches with the Naffatun. (I could have a Halqa lieutenant however they're quite aggressive troops with starting halfway up the board so can be quite vulnerable)

Hunzakut - 25

Camo troop so deploys as a token rather than a model and the opponent has to discover him before shooting at him at all. Gets a +3 modifier to his first shot out of camo as well and once revealed opposing troops are at -3 to hit him due to the camo. 

Has a sniper rifle so although he can deploy up to half way onto the board with infiltrate, normally it's better to keep him back as he gets +3 modifier from 16" upwards while if an opponent gets within 16" he'll lose that.

Djanbazan Heavy Machine Gun - 36

Nasty Medium Infantry troop that has lots of cool rules. He has a Heavy Machine Gun which shoots 4 shots with +3 from 16" to 32"range in N3. (New edition of Infinity coming out December)
He also has a Multi Spectral Visor which sees through Camo and TO Camo so he can shoot these troops without the modifiers as well as seeing through smoke.
In addition he has an extra point of armour compared to my normal guys and can even regenerate if he falls unconscious.
He's also a slightly better shot than the rest of my guys with BS 12.

So with my list laid out this is what the table looked like: 

Blue scenery is Mantic Deadzone bits, MDF is Micro Arts Studio District 5 Guardhouse, Cardboard stuff is from the Operation Icestorm boxed set (Can't recommend this boxed set enough, it's awesome)

You can see my opponents list on the bottom left there, he had:

3 Fusiliers in a link team (nasty combination that until one of them goes down they get two shots in the reactive turn instead of one)

2 Order Sergeants with Combi Rifle

TO troop of some description with Combi Rifle

Teutonic Knight (Heavy Infantry thing with lots of armour and a panzerfaust!)

Order Sergeant with Spitfire

I won the roll and chose to go first, Dave chose to deploy on the left of the picture above and made me deploy first. 

We decided to play a similar mission to what we did at the Infinity weekender and said whoever has the most points on the centre building at the end of the game wins.


I put the 3 Halqa on the Guard House using Mechanised Deployment with the 2 standard troops taking up firing positions on the parapet whilst the doctor hid prone behind them.

One naffatun was deployed on the left of the building behind the Guard House, whilst the other was to the right of the same building.

I deployed my lieutenant prone on the building in the centre of my deployment zone with my HMG next to her stood up.

My Hunzakut was held back until after I saw Dave's deployment but was deployed on the far blue building on the right flank, hoping to get some shots on Dave's link team.

Dave deployed his link team on the watchtower in the centre and his teutonic knight and spitfire behind the cargo container to the right of it.

He had two order sergeants on and then behind the building to the left of the watchtower, and his TO camo marker was held back, but went down on the far left next to the blue deadzone building.

Turn 1:

I started with my Halqa and used a co-ordinated attack to shoot at the Link team and managed to knock one unconscious. My sniper took some shots at the Order Sergeant on the building and the HMG fired at the link team as well, killing the whole link team and the order sergeant. My naffatun on the left moved up slightly into a better position behind the guard house. Quite a brutal first turn!

In response Dave moved his TO marker around the side of the building and up to the shipping crate by the main objective building. My Djanbazan and Naffatun both tried to spot him as he rounded the corner and the Djanbazan succeeded however he was now back in total cover so re-camo'd and crept around the side to shoot at the hunzakut, succeeding in knocking him unconscious. The spitfire next to the Teutonic knight crept up to the corner and shot at one of the Halqa's, knocking him unconscious.

Turn 2:

I wanted to try and deal with the spitfire before it pipped off all my Halqa and also didn't want that TO marker close to the objective so I activated my HMG and shot the spitfire full of bullets first. My Doctor then activated and healed up the Halqa who'd been knocked unconscious in Dave's turn although he was still prone so wouldn't be able to threaten anything approaching the objective as he couldn't see over the parapet.

My naffatun ran forward from the building in the centre to run past the objective and flame the TO guy sat behind the shipping crate. The flamer killed him and he failed to hit me in return, after which I ran back around the corner and up onto the objective.

In response Dave didn't have much left but I was underestimating his Teutonic Knight! He charged around the corner taking out the other Halqa and then moved out from behind the shipping container to shoot his panzerfaust at the Djanbazan with HMG. The Djanbazan won the roll off and put a point on the Knight but he has 2 wounds so kept coming, second time round the knight hit the Djanbazan with his panzerfaust and he failed 1 of his 3 saves meaning the HMG was now unconscious. With his last order the knight moved up to the bottom of the objective building and shot at the Naffatun by the guard house, knocking her unconscious, she responded by flaming him but he passed the save.

The above is a picture from the end of my turn 2 (Infinity games are generally 3 turns long) You can see where my Halqa were deployed on top of the Guard House, one of my Naffatun has crept around to the bottom of the Guard House to guard against anything coming round that corner, while my other Naffatun has run up and flamed the TO troops that had taken out my sniper before taking a position on the objective.

Turn 3

 That turned the tables a little and now I have a problem unless I could get rid of that knight. I moved the naffatun on the objective around to flame him and although he failed his save this time he also shot down the naffatun meaning I had nothing left on the objective.

I charged my lieutenant down the ladder and over to the objective building, leaving her in the corner and said good game to my opponent thinking I'd tabled him.

Dave then pointed out he still had an order sergeant on the table that I'd completely missed, hiding behind the building just to the right of the watchtower all game. As he was religious he ignored loss of lieutenant and proceeded to walk around the corner, and shoot/kill my lieutenant for a draw!


Overall I really enjoyed the game and I'm loving Infinity at the moment (although I'm enjoying my Dark Eldar too) I thought I'd won the game first turn but that certainly wasn't the case and there were some really cool moments with Dave's knight being generally awesome!

There were loads of mistakes made by both of us but we're still learning and had fun so it's all good :)

I was also happy with the terrain, I think there was enough for a decent game and I was a bit worried about the deadzone stuff as it has a lot of holes in the ruined bits but it seemed to work pretty well.

Anyway, I'm sure this post isn't particularly well written but hopefully you'll be able to take something from it. I think in future, particularly for the Infinity reports if I'm not going to include maps I need to take a lot more pictures.