Monday, 15 December 2014

Preparing the way // Infinity N3 // Christmas Schedule

Christmas Schedule

Hi Guys, wanted to check in and apologise for the lack of battle report on Friday, I've been doing a bunch of Christmas related stuff and had little time to get it typed up whilst trying not to fall too far behind on my painting schedule.

On that note until the New Year this will likely be a weekly update of hobby progress and unlikely to include any battle reports until things get back to normal in the New Year.

Apologies for those who were enjoying the battle reports but they take several hours to type up which I can't really commit to over the next few weeks.

Infinity N3

For those of you who are interested, Infinity is getting a new version (N3) which I should get my hands on tomorrow.

I'm really excited about this and having been playing with a 2.5 ruleset since I started playing a few weeks ago, it'll be really good to get stuck into the new version in full.

I'm really interested in seeing what the points recosts will mean to my Haqqislam lists and will likely include a post at some point with my reworked lists as well as letting you know my thoughts on the new edition once I've got some games in.

From what I've seen so far my Janissary goes considerably down in cost which may mean I get to field him for the first time ever.

I've also got a Nomad list I'm putting together after expanding my Operation: Icestorm Nomads with the Corregidor Starter, an Iguana, and a Wildcat Spitfire. I'll let you know how my experiences go with these, I'm hoping to get them painted up to the best I can to try and stretch myself (still not great I know!)

Preparing the Way

Not particularly exciting update but I've been busy making sure I've closed off the rest of the Haqqislam I had sitting around in boxes so I made sure I assembled and primed everything I had left so at least it's ready to start putting paint on when I feel like it. I sold some of my Tyranids so I've some more bits coming tomorrow including a box of Odalisques, Saladin, a Hassassin Farzan, and a pair of Hafza that I think for now at least will complete my Haqqislam as it'll put me around 750pts (Far more than I'll ever need for a game but I have tons of options)

While I had the airbrush out I also had a play at trying to use it to do Tarik Mansouri's cloak but I wasn't really happy with how it turned out (I've a lot to learn about the airbrush I think) so I went back in with a brush and changed a good amount of it. I've included some random shots below for anyone interested.

Ready for Priming

After Airbrushing (Not sure how to add more depth, it seems like it's just basecoated!)

I even got some Sewing in!

Lovely weekend with my daughters

Bit more done on Tarik but overdid it with the washes so will need some Cleanup

Rear view of Tarik after washes