Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Random Wednesday - Guard House Scenery // Reaver Jetbikes // Infinity tonight

Well quite a random post today, which was kind of expected from my Wednesday's as it depends what I've had chance to do, if anything, over the last couple of days.

I apologise for the particularly bad quality of today's pics, one was taken in the evening just as I'd finished it and the other quickly this morning before leaving for work. I'll work on getting better photos up in future.

In this case I managed to get the Guard House I picked up at the Infinity weekender built as well as getting some more done on my Reavers.

The Guard House took me a couple of hours to put together so not bad at all and no glue required, some initial hiccups getting bits pushed in (they can take some force) however in the end I got the knack of it.

One thing I would mention is if you are a bit of a fool like me and put one piece in upside down it can be really difficult to pull it apart without damaging the pieces so ensure you take the time to double check whether bits are facing the right way (etching on the outside) and aren't upside down.

I managed to pretty much fix up the bits I'd broken and there are a few spare bits in there (didn't realise this until I'd botched the bit I'd broken)  but if I put together another one I'm sure it'd be much easier.

Overall for a night's work I was pretty chuffed with the look of it and it's a good way to get some quick, cheap terrain down for Infinity (or 40k!) I think this one is about £12 ?

The Reaver's I've now got the basic colours down on the bike and done a bit of highlighting on the bodywork, I'm not spending too much time on the purple as I've some stencils I'm going to use once I've got all my vehicles/bikes ready which should make them much more interesting.

My schedule says these should be finished by Saturday however I'm probably a bit behind already as I've not started on the riders yet. I imagine I'll get them completed by next Wednesday so I can get started on airbrushing the first Raider.

Tonight I'm popping down to my local gaming club for some more Infinity and will be taking along my scenery and Haqqislam. I'm not sure I'll get a game in myself as there are three of us but it's a fun game to watch anyway and either way I'll take some pictures for a post on Friday.

I'm taking the following list in case I do get time for a game:

150pts Haqqislam

Ghulam Lietenant

Naffatun Heavy Flamethrower

Naffatun Heavy Flamethrower



Halqa Doctor

Hunzakut Sniper

Djanbazan Heavy Machine Gun