Monday, 1 December 2014

Infinity Autumn Weekender - Doubles Infinity and Painting Competition

Little bit of a different post today as I went to an Infinity Intro Tournament over the weekend on Saturday afternoon / Sunday which was good fun so I thought I'd mention it here.

I enjoy playing Infinity and it is certainly less effort than 40k to get a force painted up which is fantastic as it means I can play with a fully painted army most of the time.

Anyway, I had a couple of games to try and refresh myself on the rules on Saturday as I've only played 3 or 4 times before, I lost both the games Saturday and then in then Doubles tournament on Sunday we won the first before losing the next two.

Bit of a shame on the Sunday that one of us had to drop out due to numbers (Had been expecting 12 and got 9 as 3 no show) which meant that Craig volunteered to miss the Tourney and hung around getting some new loot and playing some friendly games instead.

The prizes were handed out on a points system through the day though rather than the winners of the tournament itself so my doubles partner on the day came second in points (They were given for things like critting in ARO, missing with all 3 shots from a single order, passing 3 armour saves in a row etc.)

I came runner up in the painting competition with 3 of my models (Djanbazan Sniper / Hanzakut / Ghulam) which I was really chuffed with and picked up an extra faction badge and a set of Micro Art Studio bases which I traded with my doubles partner for a Tarik Mansuri that he'd taken as a prize for 2nd place points total.

A good friend of mine came 3rd on points with his Pan O Military Orders and got an Antenocitis Workshop police car and faction badge.

Overall I think the 3 of us who went down enjoyed the day and hoping to play some more infinity before the next tournament at the end of January that should be using the new N3 ruleset, on that note I've a game on Wednesday lined up against Dave (The chap who came 3rd) and will try and get some pictures of that for an Infinity Battle Report this week.

For those of you who're interested the list I took was:

Naffatun Light Flame Thrower
Naffatun Light Flame Thrower
Ghulam Lieutenant
Khum Biker with Chain Rifle
Khum Biker with Chain Rifle
Djanbazan Heavy Machine Gun
Djanbazan Sniper

Here's what I came back with from the weekend: