Thursday, 12 March 2015

Dark Eldar Combat Patrol at 400pts - Battle Report vs. Orks (No pics sorry)

So took my Dark Eldar down to the club again last night and had a couple of games, this is the list I took down, I've kinda given up on Wyches at this level as I came upon the situation last week where I had NOTHING that could scratch his tanks after first turn because the only real anti tank was the Raiders themselves.

I'll post a second Battle Report later today/tomorrow with my second game

5 Kabalites with Blaster (Warlord here)
Raider with Disintegrator Cannon and Enhanced Aethersails

5 Kabalites with Blaster
Raider with Disintegrator Cannon

5 Kabalites with Blaster
Raider with Disintegrator Cannon

Venom with 2 Splinter Cannons

First game was against a good mate who I'd arranged to play as I got a bit frustrated with "lack of clarity around rules" last week and just wanted a relaxing game where I didn't have to check the rules every couple of minutes.

He is doing a Luftwaaaghfer (get it!?!?) Ork army with a distinct aerial theme so I was kinda scared of his bomber but hoped to avoid it without taking too much damage. Please note this is a very fluffy list and I'm fairly sure it is not intended to be competitive at this level.


10 Ork Boys with TL Shoota on Nob and a Rockit Launcha
Ork Truk with Rockit Launcha

Some sort of artillery piece with 4 grot crew? S7 AP2 gets hot - Looked really cool :)

10? grots with Runtherder (Warlord)

Blitza Bomber


Relic Mission

He won first turn and deployed the Ork Truk on his right flank (my left) with the Runtherds on the left and Artillery in the centre in ruins.

I deployed everything on my left opposite the truck and in some cover from the artillery.

Tried to seize and failed, rolled for the plane to come on in T2 and it will do so.

Turn 1

His first turn moved Truk forward a little onto a hill and the grots on my right move forward into some ruins, takes some shots at the raiders with Rokkits and Artillery but they only manage a glance on one of the raiders.

I moved forward with the 3 raiders towards the trukk, while the Venom heads to the middle of the table and targets the Artillery, killing 2 of the crew and putting a wound on the gun itself. everything else shoots at the Trukk and then the Trukks crew and blow it up, leaving (I think) 4 guys left including the Nob and Rokkit Launcha.

Turn 2

The Bomber comes on next to the grots on the right and targets the Venom, it doesn't jink but takes a Crew shaken result from the Super Shoota on the Bomber. Snikrot comes on from my table edge and into some woods. The orks clamber back into their wrecked trukk and use it as cover whilst shooting in vain at the Raiders.

Artillery then fires at the centre raider which jinks.... but it scatters onto the raider next to him and blows it up, killing 2 in the process including my warlord. They pass their pinning and disembark towards the relic

Raiders move forward further towards the remaining 3 guys in the Trukk, dismounted warriors move to claim the relic. Venom moves right up to the Artillery piece.

Shooting everything targets the artillery first and takes it out, before pouring the remainder into the 3 ork boys on the Trukk, who go to ground and make about 11 out of 14 saves to leave just the Nob on one wound. He passes his leadership test.

Turn 3

Bomber zooms over the Venom and drops a bomb on it, whilst the grot on the back shoots into it, no damage however as they either miss and/or fail to penetrate. Remaining Nob shoots and hits the raider again (I don't think he missed a shot all game despite needing 6's most turns!) but fails to glance/penetrate, Snikrot advances to try a 12" charge against the Warriors holding the relic but fails in his roll.

One unit of kabalites disembark to shoot at the Nob in the raider while the other unit of kabalites take the relic and jump into the recently vacated raider, which mvoes 6" back pointing it's guns at Snikrot. The venom also faces Snikrot down and he failed enough cover saves to die.

Kabalites on foot shoot into the Nob and he finally fails a cover save, having passed about 13-14 during the game!

Turn 4

Bomber flies off the table, grots shuffle around to protect Runt Herder.

Raider with objective moves back a bit more, other Raider and the Venom shoot at the grots and kill a couple

Turn 5

Grots shuffle, little they can do really with s3 guns against the Raider/Venom.

Blitza comes back on and bombs the Venom again but it survives.

Kabalites ensure linebreaker and Venom kills a few more grots, they take a leadership test but pass.

Game ends at the end of T5

DE: 5 (First Blood, Linebreaker, Relic) vs Orks: 1 (Slay the Warlord)

Overall I felt I had a pretty brutal list against quite a fluffy list so I'm not surprised with the result but John is a great guy and a smashing opponent so we had some fun imaging the Nob cowering for cover whilst taking surprisingly accurate pot shots at the Raiders!

Hopefully his list will come into it's own at higher points and we'll get a rematch in, those grots would be rather more effective manning the guns in a huge Orky Air Control Towa (Bastion) don't you think?!?!