Monday, 9 March 2015

Harlequin Baby Steps // Imperial Assault first play

So still haven't managed to get my Raiders finished as I spent Friday evening playing Imperial Assault with some friends from work and didn't get much time for hobby bits Saturday/Sunday evenings.

My willpower did however fail on Saturday evening and instead of pulling out my paints to put some finishing touches on the Raiders and start on their bases, I pulled out some of the new Harlequins to start assembling instead.

Managed to get two normal troupes and a Shadowseer assembled over the two nights and was impressed with the kits and how well they go together, while similar in form to my Wyches, the shoulder pads come together much nicer and are far less fragile.

One thing I did notice is that the weapons I had hoped to kit out my Harlequins with, I'm not going to be able to do without conversions and/or buying bits online, as you only get 2 Caress in the box. (I wanted 4)

For those interested, there appears to be 2 Caress, 2 Embrace, while there are plenty of Swords and Kisses.

For the first box I'll probably just do the Troupe Master with Sword (Storied Sword) and 2 Caress with the rest being Kisses, as my conversion skills just aren't likely to end up looking good and I don't want to mess these guys up.

For the rest of my Troupes though, only being able to do 1 caress plus the TM with Caress is not going to be great, any ideas where I could get extras? Most of the bits sites I can find in the uk seem to either not have them in stock, or not even have them listed yet.


On a separate note I played Imperial Assault for the first time on Friday, initial thoughts are that it's a decent game, but the time limitation on the Rebels makes it really tough and they kind of have to power through as quick as possible to achieve the mission.

We played through the tutorial before moving onto the first campaign mission Aftermath, which was fun, they used the characters from the tutorial so we had 2 melee and 2 ranged, with the Jedi and Wookie as melee, and the Smuggler and Veteran as ranged.

Came down to the last action of the last hero to smash the final terminal and win the scenario for the Rebels so couldn't have been closer really.

Second mission was a Side mission and the group chose to go for Fenn Signis' class mission "Bushfire", this was a really tough mission and it felt next to impossible for the Rebels to win it within the time restriction, perhaps if this had been done with a more experienced group later in the campaign it would have been easier.

Overall I think it will see some play, and I'm interested in my next session on Friday as I'll be trying it with some friends I normally play 40k / X-Wing etc. with so it's something of a change of pace. If that group enjoys it then we'll likely play through the campaign, if not then I'm not sure this will get pulled out again and may end up being ebayed.

I think it's got potential, and we did enjoy it, but I'm not quite sure why it's got the rave reviews it has from some quarters unless it's purely because it's Star Wars.

Anyone else played this?

Thoughts on sources for Harlequins bits?