Thursday, 12 March 2015

Dark Eldar Combat Patrol at 400pts - Imperial Guard (No pics again I'm afraid)

Same list as the previous game but repeated here in case you're reading through archives:

5 Kabalites with Blaster (Warlord here)
Raider with Disintegrator Cannon and Enhanced Aethersails

5 Kabalites with Blaster
Raider with Disintegrator Cannon

5 Kabalites with Blaster
Raider with Disintegrator Cannon

Venom with 2 Splinter Cannons

His list was something like: (Pardon my butchering but I don't know what the leaders etc. are called)

Command Squad: Sergeant, Grenade Launcher, Autocannon, 2 grunts
Squad 1: Autocannon, Grenade Launcher, 8 grunts
Squad 2: Autocannon, Melta Gun, 8 grunts
Squad 3: Missile Launcher, Grenade Launcher, 8 grunts
Squad 4: Missile Launcher, Melta Gun, 8 grunts

Wyvern (I think?) Had 2 Barrage 2 shots at S4 each turn.

Mission: The Scouring (Fast Attack are 1 additional VP, random points for objectives)

First Turn: I win it and deploy first/go first


2 Raiders and the Venom on my right behind a ruins, the other raider goes on the left as I was hoping to get a side shot on the Wyvern (Didn't think that through probably)

He deployed the Wyvern in the far left corner and diagonally, I'm not getting a side shot on that from anywhere. Squads 2 and 4 go on the left deployed separately but both in front of the Wyvern, one in ruins, the other in the open.

Squads 1 and 3 combine into a blob and sit on the right in ruins, with the command squad behind them.

He failed to seize, we flipped the objectives to find them laid out as below:

My near left corner: 3
Far left corner: 3
Central and about 10" on: 2
Pretty much centre of table: 2
My near right corner: 4
Far right corner: 1

Initial assessment is it's quite nice for me, I have the 4 already, and feel he'll struggle to get to it with his horde of infantry, he has a 3 and a 1, but the others are unlikely to be claimed by him as he's not particularly mobile. The Wyvern will worry me once I'm dismounted, but needs a 6 to glance before then, the Heavy weapons are concerning, but there aren't "that" many of them and I'm happy jinking and taking my chances, I'm not sure he has enough weapons to down all 3 raiders and a venom, and if he doesn't manage that, I can dive on the objectives at the end.

Turn 1

Night Fighting is in effect. Top left and bottom right objectives are nothing of note, his blob squad is sitting on re-roll 1's though...

Raider on the left moves forwards and the DC and Kabalites fire into the front Squad with the Autocannon, which breaks and flees off the board.

2 Raiders on the right start chipping away at the blob and kill I think 3 of them, can't draw LOS to the Command Squad.

Venom moves forward and shoots the other squad on the left and kills 3, they stay put though.

No Movement from the Guard, the command squad and blob squad shoot two separate raiders which both jink, one takes a HP. On the left the Wyvern shoots the Raider and fails to glance, the missile launcher misses (jinked raider here too)

 Turn 2

Raider on the left moves forward 6" and fires at the guard in front again, joined by the Venom, I think maybe 3 left in the unit after this but they stay around again.

Raiders on the right get a bead on the Command squad and kill 3 of them, leaving the Autocannon and the commander alive after he passes LOS.

Wyvern fires and hits with 4 again but fails to glance, Missile launcher fires and misses.

On the right the blob shoot one of the Raiders which explodes killing 3 but leaving the Warlord and one kabalite alive.

Command squad move out of site of the other raider and the AC snap shoots at the venom and shakes it.

 Turn 3

The other raider on the right disembarks it's passengers who go and sit on the 4pt objective, it then moves closer to the blob squad.

Venom moves onto the centre objective and snap shoots at the Command Squad, between this and the DC on the left raider they finish them off.

The Squad inside the raider on the left shoot at the remainder of the unit in the ruins and finish them off leaving the Wyvern in the top left, and the depleted blob squad occupying the ruins in the top right (maybe 15 left here still)

Blob squad shoots at the raider and immobilise it. Wyvern hits but fails to pen the other Raider again (Not sure why he didn't shoot my dismounted kabalites but think he had given up by this point)

 Turn 4

Left Raider nudges forward to get Line Breaker and the objective, the squad inside shoots the Wyvern but miss

Right raider is immobilised but fires into the blob squad killing 1, it's passengers are still sat on the 4pt objective in my DZ.

Warlord and the other kabalite jump into the empty, immobilised raider and throw some fire at the blob.

Venom shoots into the Blob squad and kills 4-5 including the autocannon, they pass their LD test.

Turn 5

Kabalites sit on 4pt objective, Raider in top left has a 3pt objective, my Venom moves back 12" into my bottom left onto the other 3pt objective.

Venom and Immobilised Raider fire into the blob squad again and kill a few more, they pass their LD again.

Kabalites in the top left raider fire at the Wyvern next to them again but still can't hit it (it's about 3" away!)

Wyvern fires into the Raider in front of him again but can't pen it still, missile launcher and the grenade launcher from the blob shoot the immobilised raider but can only glance it down to 1HP.

We roll for game to carry on and it doesn't,

13 to 1 victory for the Dark Eldar  (4VP, 3VP, 3VP, Slay the Warlord, First Blood, Linebreaker)


This list seems very effective as it's able to take on a wide variety of targets and once it gets up close it's pretty brutal with a lot of rapid firing poison. I was worried about the amount of guardsmen but actually the list has the ROF to take out a good amount of them even if most of the time they were in 4+ cover.

I think I played it reasonably well, I probably should have kept all the raiders together, and maybe ignored the blob squad as I never really hurt it much, but overall it worked out well.

Looking at his list I'm not sure how he would ever have got to the objectives he needed to be honest.