Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Kabalite Test Figure Complete

Finished the test figure last night and I'm pretty chuffed with it for a quick scheme..

Took a bit longer then I thought to finish off as I started to base it by line highlighting the Alien Temple base but I didn't like the look of it and felt it was taking focus away from the figure so I went back and painted it grey in the end which I'm satisfied with.

Things I'm not quite sure about:

The brown pouch, could be grey instead to limit the palette as it looks out of place?

The red ribbons (For want of a better name) I'm not sure about either, I like the idea of putting a bit of red on the model but I'm not 100% sure this is the right place for it.

Overall though, I'm happy that I can replicate these results at a decent pace and at a standard I'm happy with as I've never been a great painter.

I'm going to try and get another few of these painted up next week as a batch of 5 to see how quickly they can be done and hopefully I will be able to post about my success when I get back from our holiday.

Just as a heads up, as a result of going on holiday next week I'm unlikely to be posting here until the end of the month now (Potentially a quick one on Thursday to let you know how my latest round of the Escalation league went - Last one at 400pts for me this week before the jump to 750)