Monday, 16 March 2015

Kabalite Test Figure // Second attempt at first play through Imperial Assault

Friday - Imperial Assault

Spent Friday evening starting the Campaign for Imperial Assault with a second group on Friday night, this being a group with mates I normally game with on a Wednesday rather than the previous group which was guys from work who were interested in trying it.

It went down much better this time and we had a blast.

A couple of the guys weren't able to make it so there were 3 of us total in the end with 2 Rebels and me as the Imperial. I'd read that the missions are more balanced with 4 hero's and this gives us the option of other people joining in future missions, so each player chose two heroes and we skipped the tutorial to start with the first mission - Aftermath.

The rules were grasped very quickly and the mission went well, with the Heroes quickly blowing away the forces outside the building and getting in, only to have two of them trapped inside and surrounded.

The party fought their way out of trouble though and despite my exploding Probe Droid antics, the final terminal went down on the last round, with a couple of actions to spare.

We then went on to Diala's story mission and I won't pop any spoilers here, but it was awesome, the Rebels seemed to breeze this one a bit but it could have been a lot different at the end when I thought the last Imperial was alive to attack back with 1 health left, only for Diala to use Force Push and smash him back against a wall for the kill. 

By the end of the evening the guys were both asking when we could get the next game in and were very excited about the combination of advances and equipment they now had. (Diala with a lightsaber and Balanced Hilt looks like she'll be nasty)


Saturday - Airbrushing (Apologies for poor pic)

Saturday evening I managed to pull the airbrush out while my wife worked on a dress for the girls for Easter, I managed to pull my airbrush apart and clean it and finally found what was causing some niggling problems, the Nozzle had some dried paint in it and once that was cleared it was much better again (although I'm still finding it clogs up very quickly and I have to pick paint off the needle every minute or so to prevent splatter)

I got some Kabalites primed black and did my Flying Bases black as well as I have started to prefer that since I did it with my X-Wing mini's.

Then I thought I'd make a start on the flyers themselves and a Venom so I sprayed on a thin dusting of Vallejo "Alien Purple" before going in and trying to pick out the edges and raised bits with the same colour. 

With my Raiders I had previously used "Drakenhoff Nightshade" to wash over them through the airbrush and this had worked well but I had seen a video tutorial that used the Vallejo Purple Ink instead so I thought I'd give that a go.

In the end I definitely prefer the first method using Drakenhoff Nightshade, with the Vallejo Ink I found that the ink coloured by itself, more than blended my colours together which I think is what I liked about the GW version. I'm sure that's working as intended, but for my purposes it wasn't quite what I was looking for so now I'm not sure whether to leave as is, or to do them again with the Drakenhoff Nightshade.

For now I'm edging towards "they'll be ok" but I'll have a look at them next to the Raiders before deciding.


Sunday - Kabalite Test Mini almost finished

Sunday was Mothering Sunday in the UK so we bought takeaway in the evening from a nice curry house locally, my wife obviously didn't trust me cooking for her and probably a fair shout that.

Didn't have too much time left in the evening but I wanted to test the colour scheme for my army on a Kabalite, given that I seem to be moving away from a Wych Cult and more towards Kabal.

I found a good tutorial on a quick paint scheme here and used that with some changes in colour for my own Kabal. (Subbed the Turquoise for two drybrushes of Alien Purple and then Dechala Lilac for the final highlight, before washing with Draknhoff Nightshade // Eyes were done with Teclis Blue / Lothern Blue and then washed with Asurmen Blue)

It's not quite finished yet but I'm happy with how it's coming out, I did about 1.5 hours on this last night and another half hour it should be finished which for me is pretty quick. I think if I did them in batches of 5 I could do 5 in 6 hours, which is about 3 evenings painting for me.

Hopefully I'll be able to post up the finished Test Mini tomorrow