Monday, 17 November 2014

40k Escalation League - Dark Eldar

Well I don't hold out much hope of anyone but myself reading this however I find it useful to catalogue my own efforts and if nothing else demonstrate my complete inability to stick at something for any length of time.

So far you've seen my Tyranids (Shelved) as well as a brief splurge on Space Wolves (Sold) as well as my infinity figures (Got shelved for a couple of years but I'm playing off and on again now)

The next shiny appears to be a 40k escalation league at my local club (Rygas Roughnecks in Exeter) for which I'll be using a bunch of Dark Eldar I had lying around with a couple of newer purchases from ebay.

I believe I've dug up / bought enough for a good start and currently have the following in various stages of assembly:

1 Succubus (New version)
1 Archon (Conversion)
40 Kabalite Warriors
40 Wyches
10 Incubi
12 Reaver Jetbikes
4 Raiders
4 Venoms
3 Razorwing Jetfighters

I'm looking to make a wych cult themed army first of all and have written some fluff which I'll include in the next post before starting to post up some lists and work in progress pictures as I begin to ramp up for the league which starts in February with Kill Team.