Monday, 17 November 2014

First Steps - Dark Eldar Wyches

So as mentioned previously I had already painted 3 Wyches for my kill team a few years back using the old codex, so the first step is boosting them to a usable unit this time round.

I wanted to give myself some options with the Wyches so I made units of 8, using the other 2 in each box to make a spare weapon specialist and Hekatrix.

This means if I want to I have two options from each box:

Hekatrix with Agoniser // 6 Wyches // Hydra Gauntlets - My usual unit


Hekatrix with Agoniser // 3 Wyches // Hydra Gauntlets
Hekatrix with Power Sword // 3 Wyches // Shardnet and Impaler

So normally I'd have 3 units of 8 Wyches in a full list, but I have the option of 6 units of 5 if I wanted to.

I know the power sword isn't seen as the best option, but once you get Furious Charge it's actually just as good as the Agoniser against MEQ (4+ to wound) and before then it's still as good against T3 (although worse against T6)

The way I visualise the army playing (and fitting my fluff) is flitting around in their transports taking out armoured threats before jumping down turns 3/4 to deliver the killing blow, hopefully the power sword will work for me and if not, well I've still saved 10 points.

I started on the models last night and this is as far as I've got so far.

For those interested I'll detail the paints below (And as a good reference for me!)

  • Gravel Sprayed with Black Primer
  • Drybrush (patchy) with Astronomicon Grey
  • Wash patches with Violet Ink and Devlan Mud
  • Splash small patches of Blood for the Blood God on
  • Naggaroth Night on armour plates and jacket
  • Paint all but the recesses with 50/50 Royal Purple and Squid Pink armour
  • Violet Ink Wash
  • Balthasar Gold
  • Leadbelcher
  • Magic Blue for Agoniser and Drugs tubes
  • Violet Ink and Badab Black washes on Hydra Gauntlets, Drybrushed with Runefang Steel
  • Tin Bitz on the back of the helmeted weapon specialist
  • Electric Blue for the rune on his helmet
That's as far as I've got so far, I'll be painting again tomorrow night (Tue 18th) and will post an update following that.