Monday, 17 November 2014

Escalation League Outline and Aims

So basically the league will work as follows:

February: 200pt Kill Team
March: 500pt Combat Patrol (Adepticon Rules)
April: 1000pt
May-July: 1500pt

There are various categories of "winner" including most sportsmanlike, best painted, most fluffy, best general etc.

I'm certainly not likely to get anywhere near best painted and very unlikely to get best general, so my efforts will be aimed at most sportsmanlike (difficult for me as I am a very competitive person) and most fluffy (I've never written any fluff before in my life!)

I'm hoping that in writing the fluff for my army and by choosing to limit my selections to those matching my fluff I will be able to aim more at making the games fun for myself and my opponent rather than purely beating an opponent into the ground.

My main aim for this however is purely to get a project FINISHED. I am absolutely terrible with this as you'll have seen, flitting around the newest shiny without ever managing to get anything finished. I am really hoping that by throwing my hobby time into this project I will emerge in July with a fully painted 1500pt Dark Eldar Wych Cult, and the drive to go on and finish painting the rest of my Dark Eldar.

Next post - My Wych Cult Fluff