Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Random Wednesday - Post Schedule // Painting Plans

Just a brief update today with some thoughts on a post schedule and a quick insight into how I plan my painting projects in case anyone else finds it useful.

Post Schedule

One of the pieces of advice I've received when setting up the blog (from The_Burning_eye at The Dark City) was to set a post schedule in order that people know what to expect and when, and so that I can plan around what I'll update and when.

This seems a great idea and I've given it some thought before coming up with the following:

Monday: Painting Update

Gives me time to paint over the weekend and I can write the post Sunday night before posting before work Monday

Wednesday: Random Wednesday

I often have a game Wednesday night (It's the club night at my local club, Rygas Roughnecks) so this will either be thoughts on lists and my opponent for the evening, or general bits that don't fit under painting or gaming.

Will sometimes have an additional Work in Progress picture if I've managed to get much done Mon / Tue.

Friday: Battle Report

I will not always be able to do this one as I don't manage to get a game in every week, but when I was thinking about it I figured if I don't get one in myself, I'' do my best to link to a Dark Eldar one that I've seen elsewhere on other blogs or youtube etc.

I'll be trying to follow that for the next 4 weeks and I'll then review how it's gone and see if any changes need to be made.

Painting Plans

For anyone who's not seen this yet I recommend that you take a look at Kanban Flow 

It's a project management tool but it's free and really easy to use and I find it very helpful for keeping me on track.

When I started my Dark Eldar list writing I wrote down everything I'd need to paint then plugged it into Kanban Flow in manageable chunks before setting dates around when I wanted to start and complete each task. It means that I now know what I need to paint and when to be on track for hitting the various stages of our escalation league with a fully painted army.

I'll include a couple of shots of what I've done below, it's very simple to setup and use though, if anyone has any queries or comments about it, please let me know.

Any thoughts on the post schedule or painting plans?