Friday, 21 November 2014

Wych Cult vs Chaos Marines Battle Report

OK guys I had an attempt at using battle chronicler to make a record of my game from Wednesday evening. I'm sure there are ways to do some of the things I wanted to but I think I may just use Vassal in future as I did find it difficult to show who was shooting who, assaults, etc.

I've tried to include some commentary as best I recall it and I've included a couple of actual photos at the end however I'm afraid I forgot to take any pictures until gone halfway through the game!

Any comments and critique much appreciated. I'll perhaps do another post tomorrow with my opinions on the game but for now this has taken long enough!


Location: Rygas Roughnecks Gaming Club, Exeter
Date played: 19 November 2014

Mission: Tactical Objectives
Drugs: +1WS
Trait: Warlord and Dark Eldar within 12" cause Fear

Wych Cult of The Dancing Death

            Warlord with Archite Glaive, Armour of Misery, Haywire Grenades
4 Incubi
             V - Venom with 2 x Splinter Cannon, Flickerfield

W1 - 8 Wyches
Hekatrix (Agoniser and Haywire Grenades) and Hydra Gauntlets.
R1 Raider with Night Shields and Dark Lance

W2 - 8 Wyches
Hekatrix (Agoniser and Haywire Grenades) and Hydra Gauntlets.
R2 Raider with Night Shields and Dark Lance

W3 - 8 Wyches
Hekatrix (Agoniser and Haywire Grenades) and Hydra Gauntlets.
R3 Raider with Night Shields and Dark Lance

J1 - 3 Reaver Jetbikes, Reavers
Blaster, Cluster Caltrops

J2 - 3 Reaver Jetbikes, Reavers
Blaster, Cluster Caltrops

J3 - 3 Reaver Jetbikes, Reavers
Blaster, Cluster Caltrops

F11 - Razorwing Jetfighter
             2 Dark Lances, 4 Monoscythe Missiles, Twin Linked Splinter Rifle

F12 - Razorwing Jetfighter
             2 Dark Lances, 4 Monoscythe Missiles, Twin Linked Splinter Rifle

F13 - Razorwing Jetfighter
             2 Disintegrator Cannons, 4 Monoscythe Missiles, Twin Linked Splinter Rifle

  • Total: 1499 points

 Red Corsairs Chaos Space Marines

Huron Blackheart

Dark Apostle

TS -         10 Thousand Sons

CM1 -     10 Chaos Marines
10 Marines, 2 Plasma, Sergeant with Power Axe

CM2 -     10 Chaos Marines
10 Marines, Missile Launcher, Flamer, Sergeant with Power Axe

C -           20 Cultists

B -           5 Bikers
2 Melta

FF -         Forge Fiend
2 Ecto Plasma Cannons

V -           Vindicator
Battle Cannon, Havoc Launcher

QG -        Quad Gun


Chaos deploy first then choose to go second, he reasoned that most of his weaponry would be out of range turn 1 and that he wanted the second turn for objectives etc.
I deployed trying to keep out of LOS as much as possible, seeing an opportunity on the left using woods to cover the advance and concentrating on hitting one point in the line then rolling up it to avoid facing all of the marines at once.

  Turn 1 - Dark Eldar

First turn I edge the venom out slightly to draw a bead on the Quad Gun, hoping to take it out first turn however although I cause 5 wounds, all but one of them is saved leaving the Quad Gun on 1 wound.

I moved the Reavers and Raiders forward 12" and fired at the Vindicator with all but one of them, shaking it and removing 2 hull points. Once it was shaken I figured the threat was removed so took one shot at the Forge Fiend but failed to penetrate.

Dark Eldar 0 - 0 Chaos

  Turn 1 - Chaos

His First Turn he manoeuvred the Forge Fiend and rear Marine unit slightly and pushed the Cultists forward, took some pot shots at the Reavers through the trees but poor rolling and cover saves meant no casualties. Bikes began to move around the hill but couldn't draw a bead to a target.

Most bits were out of range but the Missile Launcher and Quad Gun both fired at the Venom which jinked and saved a penetrating hit and a glance.

Dark Eldar 0 - 0 Chaos

  Turn 2 - Dark Eldar

Dark Eldar second turn and all 3 Razorwings came on. Quad Gun shot interceptor shots at the disintegrator cannon razorwing which I forgot to declare jink with. He scored 2 penetrating hits getting weapon destroyed and Immobilised, I passed the immobilised save so took a crew stunned result as well as losing one of the cannons.

On the left the Reavers moved up with two units lining up the Vindicator for a shot/charge while the other repositioned slightly to shoot / charge the Cultists. The Raiders continued to move forwards and the venom jumped to the other side of the woods, passing it's dangerous terrain test after which the Incubi and Succubus disembarked and moved towards the Cultists to Assault.

In the shooting phase the Reavers shot at the Vindicator and wrecked it, one of the Raiders finished off the Quad Gun and the other two Raiders both took a shot at the Forge Fiend and missed. The two Razorwings with Lances fired 4 Lances and 4 Missiles between them but only managed to scratch the paintwork, causing one glancing hit and one casualty in each of the units in front of the Forge Fiend from scattering missiles.

The third unit of Reavers and the Succubus with Incubi then shot/charged into the large cultist unit with Dark Apostle, with the Succubus challenging the Dark Apostle and causing 1 wound, before taking one back which thankfully was saved by her invulnerable dodge. The Impact Hits / Reavers / Incubi then accounted for 15 of the cultists, with 5 of those being from the Klaivex (Rampage makes him really nasty!) The 5 remaining cultists and Apostle stayed in place though due to being fearless.

Dark Eldar 2 - 0 Chaos (First Blood and Venom claimed objective in the woods)

  Turn 2 - Chaos

Rear unit of marines shuffle around again but can't get to much due to congestion and the fact that the Incubi and a unit of Reavers are stuck in combat. The bikes move to shoot/charge the Reavers but after shooting is done the assault fails by an inch due to having shot the closest. (Marines also shot into this unit) The Thousand Sons shot at the Flyers but no hits. The missile launcher with the unit on the defence line shot the centre most Raider which jinks but still takes a penetrating hit which stuns it. Forge Fiend shoots the venom and destroys it.

In the ongoing combat between the Succubus and the Dark Apostle, the Succubus put 3 wounds on him which are all saved, after which the Dark Apostle puts 1 on the Succubus, she fails her dodge save and is pulped due to a S6 Power Maul. (Dark Apostle rolls Hammer of Wrath on the Eye of the Gods chart) The Incubi and Reavers kill the rest of the cultists to win combat and pile in surrounding the Dark Apostle.

Dark Eldar 2 - 1 Chaos (Slay the Warlord)

  Turn 3 - Dark Eldar

The DC Razorwing is forced to move 18" straight so does so, snap firing at the marine bikes with its one remaining DC but failing to hit. The other two Razorwings move forward 18" and fire 2 lances and their last 2 Monoscythe Missiles at the Forge Fiend, with the last Missile managing to glance for the final hull point (Two marines also got killed by the scattering blasts)

The centre most Raider was stunned so stayed in place, the other two moved around the woods to the left ready to deliver their payload next turn. They fired lances and killed a bike. Reavers manoeuvred to shoot and one of them charged the bikes and killed 3 with shooting then impact hits, one Reaver was killed in return and the bikes ran (Sorry this isn't on the pic) but Reavers failed to catch them (rolled a 1) Bikes stopped short of table edge.

In the ongoing combat Klaivex challenged the Dark Apostle and killed him, with the Reavers consolidating to try and form a shield in front of the Incubi, and the Incubi not rolling high enough to get into the woods behind them.

Dark Eldar 3 - 1 Chaos (R3 takes an objective in the woods at the bottom of the map)

  Turn 3 - Chaos

Bikes rally and snap shoot at the Reavers on the hill but miss and then fail to charge. Huron casts forewarning on the marines by the house in the bottom left. Everything that can shoots into the Incubi and they melt into nothing. The marine unit at the top of the map shoots at the Flyers but no hits.

Dark Eldar 3 - 1 Chaos

  Turn 4 - Dark Eldar


I don't feel I can get R1 into range to charge the Wyches this turn so that Raider moves 12" forward onto an objective in front of the Aegis. The other two Raiders on the left move 6" forward and disgorge their passengers to shoot / charge the Marines and Thousand Sons (One unit into each)

The Reavers move to claim objectives and threaten Huron, with one unit behind the house claiming an objective, while two of them line up shots/charge against Huron, Charge isn't required however as the Blaster hits, wounds, he fails his invulnerable and is removed for Kill the Warlord

The two lance armed flyers shoot off the board while F13 targets the Bikes and shoots 3 missiles and the working DC at them which wipes them out.

In the assault phase both units of Wyches charge in with Furious Charge now and the Hekatrix make challenges which have to be accepted, during which they cut down the aspiring champion and sorceror. The rest of the unit wipes out the Chaos Marines while in the other combat there are 3 Thousand Sons left who I believe kill 1 Wych. The Reavers move backwards from where Huron was to try and keep away from the marines in that corner.

Dark Eldar 5 - 1 Chaos (Two objectives claimed)

  Turn 4 - Chaos

Things were looking bleak for Chaos with only a unit of marines and 3 Thousand Sons left and so there was limited action this turn, with the Marines moving up and hosing the Reaver Unit down. In combat the last 3 Thousand Sons succumbed to the Wyches.

Dark Eldar 5 - 1 Chaos

  Turn 5 - Dark Eldar

Turn 5 was just a case of mopping up what was left, with everything moving and shooting into the last Marine unit before two units of Wyches charged in and finished the job.


I enjoyed getting another game in with the Wyches and while I know I wasn't playing against an optimised list I have found the Wyches to be at least usable, I'll expand on my experiences and thoughts on the game more in another article either this evening or tomorrow depending on when I get time.

Thoughts from anyone else on both the game and the Battle Report format?

I'd like to know if it is worth me continuing to post these as it did take a fair bit of work.

Thanks for reading,