Monday, 24 November 2014

First Wych Shard complete (minus touchups) // Scourge Assembly and Weapon Options Questions

Couple of bits done over the weekend and the first shard of Wyches is pretty much completed now, just need to paint out the mouths and dot the eyes, splash some blood on the weapons and we're done.

From what I've read the best protection is Gloss varnish as the Matt rubs off, but you can use the Gloss and then the Matt to prevent the shine from the Gloss.

Interested to hear everybody's thoughts on it before I mess them up, current plan is likely to be Gloss and then Matt using the airbrush.

I also got some more assembly done on my scourges as I'm wanting to use these in a game on Wednesday. I've only assembled two lots of arms at the moment (picture above is slightly outdated I now have one with Shard Carbine and they all have wings) as I've more of them coming for Christmas which will mean I can do a few units with varying set-ups.

On that note, my current plan is:

4 Haywire
4 Blasters
8 Shard Carbines (or 4 Heat Lance, 4 Carbines)
2 Solarites (one power lance, one agoniser)

That would give me both sets of special weapons I'm likely to use, as well as plenty of ablative wounds if I want to run bigger units, or just run a unit as anti infantry.

Most of the time this will just be 2 x 4 with Haywire Blaster and one Shard Carbine, but I figured if I'm unlikely to use Heat Lances / Dark lances / Splinter Cannons, I might as well do the others as Shard Carbines.

So a couple of questions off the back of those:

  1. What do people recommend in terms of Varnish? I've always previously used GW clear varnish but I've seen horror stories online about frosting so I've also got Vallejo Gloss Varnish and Vallejo Matt Varnish to airbrush on.
  2. What would you assemble the Scourge as? Are Heat Lances worth it without a webway portal delivery system?